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G3 Series 60mm 220V 3000 Rpm Neutral Inertia Direct-Axis Servo Motor

G3 series 60mm 220V 3000 RPM medium inertia direct axis servo motor is a kind of high performance, high precision motor. Our product has the following advantages as follows:
1. Medium inertia design: the servo motor adopts medium inertia design, that is, the mass and moment of inertia of the motor rotor are moderate, so its control performance is more stable, suitable for general motion control applications.
2. High-performance control system: G3 series servo motor equipped with high-performance control system, can achieve accurate speed, position, torque control, suitable for high-precision industrial automation control.
3. Direct axis design: This series of servo motor adopts direct axis design, with high rigidity and torque transmission ability, suitable for various transmission systems.
4. High efficiency: The servo motor has a high efficiency and the speed reaches 3000 RPM, which can complete various high-speed motion control tasks in a short time.
5. Reliable performance: The servo motor uses high-quality electrical components and mechanical components, with high reliability and durability, suitable for a variety of heavy load, high frequency, high speed and other intermittent cycle motion applications.
GETE G3 series 60mm 220V 3000 RPM medium inertia direct axis servo motor is a kind of high-performance, high-precision, high-efficiency motor, which can meet the needs of various high-precision motion control systems.
  • Technical Parameters
  • NT Characteristics
  • Dimensions
  • Motor model
    G3M-06020F2□GA G3M-06040F2□GA G3M-06060F2□GA
    Rated power
    200 400 600
    Rated voltage
    220 220 220
    Rated current
    1.7 2.5 3.6
    Instantaneous maximum current
    5.7 8.4 11.2
    Rated torque
    N. m
    0.64 1.27 1.91
    Instantaneous maximum torque
    N. m
    1.92 3.81 5.73
    Rated speed
    3000 3000 3000
    Maximum speed
    6000 6000 6000
    Back EMF
    23 31 36
    Torque constant
    0.38 0.51 0.53
    Wire resistance
    4.57 3.24 2.2
    D axis inductance
    3.7 2.9 2.1
    Q axis inductance
    4.3 3.4 2.5
    Electrical time constant
    1.62 1.79 1.95
    Rotor inertia
    0.28 0.52 0.76
    With brake 0.38 With brake 0.62 With brake 0.86
    0.8 1.1 1.4
    With brake 1.1 With brake 1.4 With brake 1.7
    Fuselage length L
    75 92 1.9
    With brake 104.5 With brake 121.5 With brake 138.5
    Brake static friction torque
    1.5 or above
    Rated voltage
    Rated current
    Attract time
    Below 60
    Release time
    Under 20
    Release voltage
    1 or more
    Number of poles
    Encoder resolution
    Insulation class
    Degree of protection
    Use environment
    Temperature: -20°C~+40°C (no freezing) Humidity: <90%RH (no condensation)
    Power line and brake line
    VU      W   PE BRK+    BRK-
    2   1  3   4 1           2
    Absolute encoder line 
    PE   E-   E+   SD-   OV   SD+   5V   /   /
    1     2     3      4      5       6       7   8   9

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Taizhou Gete Motor Co., Ltd. is a high quality G3 Series 60mm 220V 3000 Rpm Neutral Inertia Direct-Axis Servo Motor supplier and wholesale company. The company has strong scientific and technological strength, advanced design concepts, advanced production facilities, high-precision testing equipment, and perfect modern management. The company is developing steadily and focusing on the accumulation of independent intellectual property rights, which are currently used for 12 utility model patents.
The high-tech products developed and produced by our company: 5 pairs of pole servo motors, high-speed servo motors, ultra-high-resolution servo motors, multi-environment servo motors, etc. will bring new vigor and vitality to industrial automation. Products are widely used in CNC machine tools, embroidery, engraving, textile, printing, packaging and other manufacturing industries, aviation industry, new energy automobile industry and other robotics and other automation industrial control fields. The company adheres to the business philosophy of "pragmatic innovation, honesty and trustworthiness, and excellence", and continues to create and change infinitely as always.

More Information About G3 Series 60mm 220V 3000 Rpm Neutral Inertia Direct-Axis Servo Motor

Welcome to the future of motion control, where precision meets power. Our 60mm 220V 3000 Servo Motor represents the pinnacle of servo motor technology, boasting RPM Neutral Inertia and Direct-Axis capabilities that redefine what's possible in the world of automation and robotics.

Key Features:

1. 60mm 220V 3000 Servo Motor:

With a 60mm frame size and an operating voltage of 220V, this servo motor sets a new standard for compact yet high-performance motion control. Its compact design allows for seamless integration into a wide range of applications while delivering the power and precision you demand.

2. 3000 RPM of Exceptional Performance:

The 3000 RPM (Rotations Per Minute) rating of this servo motor ensures rapid and precise motion control. Whether you need to achieve high-speed positioning or maintain consistent velocity, this motor delivers the speed and accuracy required for your most demanding tasks.

3. RPM Neutral Inertia:

One of the standout features of this servo motor is its RPM Neutral Inertia design. This innovation allows the motor to maintain its performance across a wide range of operating speeds. Whether you're accelerating, decelerating, or operating at a constant speed, you can trust this motor to provide stable and predictable performance.

4. Direct-Axis Capability:

The Direct-Axis capability of this servo motor makes it perfect for applications that require precise and direct control. It excels in applications such as CNC machining, where direct and accurate control of tool positioning is critical. Its ability to respond quickly and accurately to control inputs ensures that your machinery operates with exceptional precision.

5. Wide Range of Applications:

The versatility of this servo motor makes it suitable for a broad spectrum of applications. Whether you're in robotics, CNC machinery, automation systems, or any other industry that demands precision motion control, this motor can adapt to your specific needs.

6. Robust and Reliable:

Built to withstand the rigors of industrial environments, this servo motor is engineered for durability and reliability. Its robust construction ensures that it can operate consistently, even in challenging conditions, providing you with peace of mind regarding its performance and longevity.

7. Easy Integration:

We understand the importance of seamless integration, which is why this servo motor comes with various mounting options and connectors for easy installation into your existing systems. We've designed it with your convenience in mind to minimize downtime and maximize productivity.

8. Energy-Efficient:

Despite its powerful performance, this servo motor is designed with energy efficiency in mind. It maximizes power utilization while minimizing energy consumption, helping you reduce operational costs and environmental impact.

Experience Precision in Motion Control:

The 60mm 220V 3000 Servo Motor with RPM Neutral Inertia and Direct-Axis Capability is your gateway to precision, speed, and reliability in motion control. Whether you're designing cutting-edge robotics or high-precision machining systems, this motor is your dependable partner in achieving exceptional results.

Experience the future of motion control with us, where innovation, precision, and performance converge to power your success. Contact us today to discover how this servo motor can elevate your applications to new heights and set you on the path to excellence.

The development trends of 60mm 220V 3000 Rpm neutral inertia straight-axis servo motor include efficient energy utilization, intelligent control, miniaturization design and higher performance. In the future, this type of motor may use more advanced magnetic materials to improve efficiency; integrate smart sensors and communication technology to achieve more precise control; reduce the size to adapt to compact spaces; provide higher speed and precision to meet continuously upgraded applications. need.